The Information technology in biodiversity research (ISSN 2738-7410) series aims at promoting innovations in biodiversity information science, sharing biodiversity data management practices, and enhancing of Russian biodiversity informatics community.

The conference Textbook: Focus on Students’ National Identity (ISSN 2738-8425) held by Moscow City University to welcome school teachers, tutors, university professors and leading scholars from Russia regarded the issues of cultural identity against the new-globalization as well as encouraged the exchange of expertise in designing and employing textbooks in schools and universities to support students national and cultural identities and enhance their self-development.

The International Forum on Teacher Education (IFTE) (ISSN 2683-0647) hosts participation of leading Russian and foreign experts on teacher education from universities of UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, Australia, China, Israel and other countries.

The Proceedings of the conferences of IFTE (2016-2018) have been published in The European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences (EpSBS):

IFTE 2016: IІ International Forum on Teacher Education – 2016

IFTE 2017: IІІ International Forum on Teacher Education – 2017

IFTE 2018: IV International Forum on Teacher Education – 2018

Since 2019, the IFTE conferences are published on ARPHA.

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