Special Issue "Change – The transformative power of citizen science"

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Special Issue Editors

Katrin Vohland, Andrzej Klimczuk, Mordechai (Muki) Haklay, Eglė Butkevičienė, Gaston Remmers, Maria Aristeidou, Daniel Dörler, Gitte Kragh, Claudia Göbel, Florian Heigl, Olivia Höhener, Jaume Piera, Barbara Kieslinger, Nikita Sharma, Frank Ostermann, Baiba Prūse, Sven Schade, Jakub Trojan, Kathryn Willis, Moritz Müller, Susanne Tönsmann

Special Issue Information

We are in a time of rapid change on multiple levels. Change can be seen as positive by one group and negative by another. As a result, different perspectives on any given change can draw completely different conclusions. In these proceedings we want to address different approaches to change from all kinds of perspectives within the realm of citizen science and participatory research.

We discuss both active, transformative change, and the observation of change monitored by citizen science in all kinds of disciplines.

We highlight the potential of citizen science to be a change maker in research and society, and as a tool to manage the change happening around us.

The proceedings “Change – The transformative power of citizen science” showcase a selection of topics that have been presented and discussed at the ECSA/ACSC 2024 double conference in Vienna and highlight the transformative power, citizen science can have. 

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Special Issue "DCCD 2022 - Dialogue of Cultures. Culture of Dialogue: Digital Communications"


Special Issue Editors

Elena Tareva, Tatiana Bokova, Irina Tivyaeva

Special Issue Information

The III International conference “Dialogue of Cultures. Culture of Dialogue: Digital Communications” (DCCD 2022) was held on March 29 – April 2, 2022. The Conference was organized by the Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow City University, Russia. 

The “Dialogue of Cultures. Culture of Dialogue” conferences bring together scholars, researchers, lecturers and others interested in finding means and ways to ensure a productive intercultural dialogue. The archives of the previous conferences are available here: https://sites.google.com/view/dccd2020/about.

In 2022 the Conference will focus on interdisciplinary issues related to the study of present-day digital communication, the dialogue of cultures and the culture of dialogue in the context of digitalization and mediatization of the communication culture and social practices. The Conference program includes plenary lectures, parallel sessions on various topics, panel discussions and specialized workshops as well as other events for participants and conference guests.

Leading topics of DCCD 2022 are as follows:
•    Fundamentals of dialogue in the digital world.
•    Digital communication practice in the dialogue of cultures framework.
•    Theory and practice of teaching the dialogue of cultures and the culture of dialogue in the digital environment.
•    Development of virtual communication in the context of digitalized society.

The volume of Conference Proceedings will gather the latest advances and innovations in the fields of linguistics, education, digital humanities, media, communication and culture studies as presented by international researchers and practitioners. All contributions are selected by means of a rigorous peer review process.

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