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ARPHA Proceedings 1 (2019)
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V International Forum on Teacher Education
Part II: Educational Environment and Management
Edited by Roza Valeeva
Conference name: 
IFTE 2019 - V International Forum on Teacher Education
Conference dates: 
29-31 May 2019
Conference location: 
Kazan Federal University, Russia
Conference Chair(s):
Prof. Ilshat R. Gafurov

This V International Forum on Teacher Education (IFTE) (ISSN 2683-0647) special edition presents a snapshot of the current state of the researches devoted to personal and professional development of teachers from around the world. The rapidly changing world entails a fundamental change in the mission of education – from translations of knowledge and skills to the industry of opportunities. This requires a person continuously to produce new knowledge, flexible and adaptive thinking. Teacher education in the 21st century occupies a special place, since it develops the foundations for the success of the educational system as a whole.

The Forum is organized in partnership with the Russian Educational Research Association (RERA), Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI), International Janusz Korczak Association (IKA) with support from World Education Research Association (WERA), Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) and International Association of Educators (INASED). More than 600 delegates from 132 Russian and 74 overseas universities and research centers participated in the Forum (including scientists and practitioners from Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, the UK, and the USA).

During the Forum three International sub-conferences were held:

  • International Conference “Continuing teacher education: new concepts and technologies”,
  • International Conference “Early-career teachers: induction and professional development”,
  • International Conference "Research-based teacher education".

The Special Issue of the V IFTE proceedings includes the following 3 sections:

  • Teacher Education and Training,
  • Educational Environment and Management,
  • Educational Psychology.

In these sections, collections of articles devoted to organizational, technological and methodical aspects of pedagogical education in several countries were presented. Teacher Education and Training section includes all the issues related to modern teachers’ training and their career and professional development.