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ARPHA Proceedings 3 (2020)
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VI International Forum on Teacher Education
Editors: Ilshat Gafurov, Roza Valeeva
Conference ISSN:
Conference name: 
IFTE 2020 - VI International Forum on Teacher Education
Conference dates: 
May 27 - June 9 2020
Conference place: 
Kazan Federal University, Russia

For the first time in six years of the International Forum on Teacher Education (IFTE) (ISSN 2683-0647) existence leading scholars from Russia and foreign countries will meet not in person but online. The COVID-19 pandemic made people around the world recalibrate the schedule of international events. It also affected the IFTE forum, which was to be held at Kazan Federal University for the sixth time. Each year delegates from around the world come to the forum. In order not to expose the forum participants to the risk of infection, IFTE-2020 is organized in a virtual format.

Ilshat Gafurov, the IFTE president, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Education, rector of Kazan University, said that such challenges as the pandemic should not deprive researchers of the opportunity to discuss the issues important for teacher education perspectives.

“The facilities that Kazan University is able to provide, will allow the forum participants to present and discuss the results of their research work in a virtual realm. We also hope that IFTE-2020 will give a new impetus to the development of education; and the virtual realm will become a unique platform for the effective exchange of ideas in the field of educational technologies, strengthening the cooperation between Russian and foreign researchers” – emphasized Ilshat Gafurov.

“The virtual IFTE-2020 is our first experience of holding a large-scale event in a completely virtual format. And we consider this unique experience as an opportunity to explore various online platforms to fulfill our mission and promote research in the field of teacher education” – commented Aidar Kalimullin, IFTE Co-Chair, Professor, Director of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan University.

The IFTE-2020 virtual forum will start on May 27, as originally planned, and last till June 9, 2020. More than 3000 participants form 30 countries will participate in online presentations of keynote speakers, virtual round tables and research group meetings, poster presentations and online workshops supported via Adobe Connect webinar systems, Microsoft Teams, IFTE official website, Lomonosov platform and the official IFTE-2020 YouTube channel.

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