ARPHA Proceedings 2: 83-92, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e57555
Biodiversity of symbiotic algae of wood decay Basidimycetes in the Central Urals
expand article infoNadezhda Neustroeva, Victor Mukhin§, Irina Novakovskaya|, Elena Patova
‡ Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,, Ekaterinburg, Russia§ Ural Federal University, Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ekaterinburg, Russia| Institute of biology of Komi Science Center, Ural Branch of the Russian Academia of Science, Syktyvkar, Russia¶ Institute of biology Komi Science Center Ural Branch Russian Academia of Science, Syktyvkar, Russia
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This article presents a list of 57 algae species inhabiting the basidiocarps of wood-decaying Basidiomycetes in the forests of the Central Ural. It includes 54 species of eukaryotic (45 – Chlorophyta, 5 – Charophyta, 4 – Ochrophyta) and 3 prokaryotic algae. Chlorophyta is the obligate component of mycobiont algal communities, all other algae groups are their optional part. Among the mycetobiont algae, unicellular coccoid algae prevail (48%), other types are less common: trichal (25%), colonial (18%), and monadic (9%). Among algae are no specialized mycobiont species and all of them are widespread soil and epiphytic algae as well as photobionts of ascolichens, which demonstrates the facultative nature of their symbiotic relationship with wood-decaying fungi. As a rule, algae inhabit annual basidiocarps and they do not manifest specificity to fungi species. The widest host-fungi spectrum of Pseudococcomyxa simplex occurs in the basidiocarps of 15 species. Stichococcus bacillaris and Interfilum terricola were found in the basidiocarps of 13 and 11 fungi species correspondingly. The largest numbers of algae species were found in the basidiocarps of Cerrena unicolor (24), Trametes gibbosa (12), Trichaptum abietinum (11), T. biforme (22), T. fuscoviolaceum (17), Stereum hirsutum (11) and S. subtomentosum (19). The Occurrence and Checklist datasets of algae inhabiting the basidiocarps of wood-decaying Basidiomycetes in the Central Ural were uploaded to the GBIF.

Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota, biodiversity, Central Ural, ecology, symbiotic algae, wood-decaying fungi