ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1847-1862, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1847
Training Teachers to Work with Children with Special Needs in North-Eastern Russia
expand article infoIrina A. Yudina, Natalya A. Abramova, Tatiana A. Makarova, Marianna A. Manasytova
Open Access
The research purpose is to study the state of teacher training related to the work with children with special educational needs in North-Eastern Russia considering modern requirements and identify conditions for its improvement according to the requirements of the regional educational space. The research drew on the analysis of the websites of the regional higher education institutions in North-Eastern Russia. The experience of the regional universities in training teachers was compared and contrasted with that of North-Eastern Federal University. The rationale for the research is that there is the need to develop inclusive way of thinking in future teachers. High quality of teacher training can be achieved via a wide range of implemented programmes of additional professional education. Creating an inclusive educational environment requires a coordinated, consistent work to train special education teachers. The research showed that it is important to establish and develop an early support system. This should be reflected in regional systems of training, retraining, and additional training of teachers. To effectively implement inclusive education in North-Eastern Russia, it is necessary to develop competencies in future teachers for successful work with different categories of children with special needs. As the density of the regional population in North-Eastern Russia is low, versatility of teacher training should be ensured by offering many higher education and additional professional education courses.
children with special educational needs, inclusive education, teacher training, regionalisation