ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1747-1761, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1747
Key Factors of Teacher's Professional Success in the Digital Educational Environment
expand article infoPavel N. Ustin, Elvira G. Sabirova, Timirkhan B. Alishev, Fail M. Gafarov
Open Access
Based on the studies of the daily work of teachers in educational institutions, it was noticed that the teacher in the learning process makes decisions on average every minute. The primary school teacher interacts even more actively with their students. Although most of such interactions are not planned. The teacher is constantly looking for new ideas, they improvise, use innovations. And they always reflect on what they are doing. Many solutions are the product of teachers' personal pedagogical experience and their intuition. These solutions are often not included in the research results. The purpose of the study is to identify the main patterns of influence of the educational environment components on the effectiveness of teachers' professional activities. The problem of teachers’ professional development is gaining significance in scientific research. However, the educational environment itself contains a number of factors that contribute to the professional success of a teacher. Factors can help, stimulate the teacher to the most effective and efficient forms of work with students, or they can create obstacles, difficulties that lead to the teacher's failure to succeed. The empirical study revealed a number of features of the educational environment that impact the success of the teacher's professional activity based on the analysis of big data accumulated in the system “Electronic Education in the Republic of Tatarstan” and statistical reports. Further, it is planned to use the identified features in the management (possibly modification) of the professional development trajectory of the teacher.
big data, digital educational environment, data-based decision-making, teacher professional success, factors