ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1703-1715, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1703
Disabled Students Inclusive Literacy Regarding Designing Individual Trajectories for Professional Development
expand article infoEkaterina S. Timchenko, Lily V. Goryunova, Ivan V. Timchenko
Open Access
The research relevance stems from the need to understand changes in the regulatory framework of higher education. Federal state educational standards of higher education enactment with regard to requirements of professional standards (FSES 3++) brought changes both in designing educational programmes and learning outcomes up to date. In the article the phenomenon of inclusive literacy considering the requirements of the updated standards is examined, the survey results of undergraduates and graduates inclusive literacy are described, the experience of forming inclusive literacy of students of various specialization is analyzed, the influence of inclusive literacy level on designing individual trajectories of students professional development at the stage of completing their bachelor’s degree is revealed. The article describes the experience of the staff of the Department of Inclusive Education and Social and Pedagogical Rehabilitation of the Academy of Psychology and Pedagogy of the Southern Federal University. While working on the article various theoretical methods were used, including the analysis of modern research on the problems of inclusive culture, inclusive competence, functional and inclusive literacy, consolidating requirements of the latest generation federal state educational standards of higher education. The empirical methods are pedagogical observation, pedagogical experiment, questionnaires, mathematical processing of the experimental work results, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data obtained during the study. At different stages of the research more than 200 undergraduates and graduates took part in it, 84 were directly involved in the experimental work.
inclusive literacy, individual trajectory of professional development, project work, readiness