ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1577-1591, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1577
Future teachers' readiness to work in inclusive education through educational activities
expand article infoAntonina I. Smolyar, Tatiana N. Chernomyrdina, Svetlana G. Zogol, Alla G. Gokina
Open Access
The authors of the article substantiate the relevance of finding resources for development of future teachers’ psychological readiness to work in inclusive education. The study is aimed at identification of extra-curricular activities at the University, contributing to the development of students’ psychological readiness to work in inclusive education, and their influence on the development of future teachers’ positive attitudes towards inclusive education, tolerance and personal creativity. Experimental verification was conducted based on the analysis of the scientific and pedagogical potential presented in foreign and domestic studies.The study assumed that extracurricular educational activities in higher education institutions are a powerful resource for developing the future teacher’s psychological readiness to work in inclusive education when:- extracurricular educational activity is seen as an interaction of teachers and students outside of the educational process which forms the student's personality;- a variety of forms and means in extracurricular educational activities is used at the university; - the educational process is updated in compliance with the current trends of pedagogical science in the field of inclusive education; - students’ social and pedagogical infrastructure is expanded through educational institutions of the city, region, country participation in the inclusive environment; - the educational potential of art and students’ artistic abilities and creativity are applied, works of art appropriate for education are included into extracurricular educational activities.
educational activities, psychological readiness, inclusive education, a future teacher