ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1565-1576, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1565
Methodological Background of Research Problem of High School Students Pre-professional - pedagogical Competence Formation
expand article infoGalina N. Skudareva, Nadia G. Yusupova
Open Access
The article reveals the problem of a high school student pre-professional - pedagogical competence formation from the standpoint of its methodological comprehension, conceptual - essential substantiation, structural - meaningful content, taking into account the basic normative regulations. The terminological analysis of "pre-professional - pedagogical competence" concept made it possible to present it as an integral characteristics of a school graduate personality with the outline of clear semantic facets in scientific and pedagogical knowledge. The structure of a high school student pre-professional - pedagogical competence proposed in the article includes personal, social and professional - pedagogical competence, as its structural elements, with the corresponding characteristic features. The structure is complemented by key “soft skills” with meaningful content, connected with pedagogical activities differentiating into personal and social “flexible skills”. A substantiated choice of scientific methodological approaches ensures the determined meaning of personal, social and professional - pedagogical competencies. The conditions for a high school student pre-professional - pedagogical competence are considered in the aggregate and trinity of a pedagogical vocational orientation extracurricular activities, school pedagogical educational environment, out-of-school socio-cultural educational space of a socially active school. Pre-professional - pedagogical competence of a high school student is presented in the gradual dynamics of its formation at the threshold, basic, advanced levels in the corresponding functional spaces of vocational guidance, a high school student professional self-determination and pre-professional readiness.
high school student, pre-professional - pedagogical competence, soft skills, career guidance, professional self-determination, pre-professional readiness