ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1469-1482, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1469
Current problems of professional development of a prospective teacher
expand article infoNatalia A. Savotina, Inessa. V. Usoltseva, Valentina A. Antokhina, Olga N. Prokofeva
Open Access
A large number of studies are devoted to the problem of professional adaptation of novice teachers. They emphasize various problems which must be overcome by a teacher at the initial stage of professional adaptation such as emotional exhaustion, professional crisis (Correa et al., 2015; Danilov & Schustova, 2018; Clandinin et al., 2015; Dicke et al., 2015; etc.). It is obvious that unpreparedness for complications at school not only increases the possibility of a teacher leaving the profession but also reduces his personal and innovative potential, worsens the quality of work with learners. This determined the relevance of this study. Based on empirical data, the article describes a predictive assessment of students-future teachers of the difficulties of their professional adaptation at an early stage of their career. It is shown that future teachers underestimate the “bureaucratic” and didactic difficulties, as well as such sources of overcoming the adaptation crisis as the support of the administration and the support of colleagues in comparison with working school teachers. The data obtained indicate that future teachers may not be ready to work in school, since they underestimate precisely those groups of difficulties that were identified as the most significant in the assessment of working teachers. The research results can be used to improve the quality of teacher training through the development of professional self-knowledge of prospective teachers, motivating them to self-education and self-development within the framework of new methods and ways of pedagogical education.
prospective teachers, teacher adaptation, teacher professional development, pedagogical education, questionnaire