ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1433-1453, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1433
The Development of General Cultural Competencies among Students by Means of E-Learning
expand article infoIndira M. Salpykova, Rezeda K. Khurmatullina, Almira M. Garifullina, Rezida K. Shaehova
Open Access
Practice shows that general cultural competencies are insufficiently developed among the majority of bachelor programs graduates. The reason lies in the immaturity of theoretical framework, design and implementation of the functional model, pedagogical conditions, technologies, new approaches to the development of general cultural competencies with the help of e-learning in the university. This study specifies the in-depth characteristics of students’ general competencies, it elicits pedagogical reasons for the development of general cultural competencies among students by means of e-learning. The research presents test results of the model performance during the course of the experiment. Research methods: theoretical methods, such as subject research analysis based on the study of psychological and pedagogical literature, reflexive systemic analysis of the feasible management of educational work. Pilot testing has been implemented in the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University at the Department of Preschool Education. A model representing the building-up phases of students’ general cultural competencies utilizing Moodle-based e-learning is presented. The research involved the participants of 2-4 year students studying the training programs: “Teacher training”, “Preschool education”. The research has indicated that the implementation of the model in the university promotes the effective development of students’ general cultural competencies. The results of the study boost the knowledge of e-learning capacities in the building of general cultural competencies.
general cultural competencies, e-learning, development of general cultural competencies by means of e-learning, teacher training, model