ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1417-1432, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1417
Agile in Digital Didactics in the Era of the VUCA World in Education
expand article infoElmira Sh. Salimzyanova
Open Access
To consider the problematic field of digital didactics, we propose the use of Agile technology in modern educational conditions, since this technology is successfully used to manage cognitive activity in the digital space. This methodology seems to be one of the most effective in solving the problem of preparing students, increasing their employment opportunities, creating conditions for the formation of “soft skills” that are in demand in modern conditions of digitalization of education. The study aims to analyse and explore the applicability of the Agile ideology in digital didactics in the era of the VUCA world in education; to determine the degree of teachers' readiness to build their digital educational process using the Agile tool; to determine the effectiveness of distance learning at university through the application of the Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban). Research methods are collection and analysis of scientific publications devoted to the study of the features of Agile technologies, the possibilities of their application in the educational process; observing students' work according to the approaches of Agile methodology using the system of LMS MOODLE.The Agile approach in education allows achieving goals with less effort and expense, in a shorter time, and the final product is of higher quality. We decided to open an Agile Center, which is aimed at developing the concept of reflective and research-oriented teacher education, designing and implementing a new structural and functional model of comprehensive teacher training in the university.
Agile methodology, digital didactics, VUCA world, digitalization, Scrum, Kanban