ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1287-1302, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1287
Training of Teaching Staff for Education System of Students with Disabilities: Problems and Prospects
expand article infoAmina A. Niyazova, Tatiana M. Zakhozhaya, Tatiana V. Korotkovskyh, Anastasia A. Bobrova
Open Access
The purpose of the study is to identify the resources of Surgut State Pedagogical University (SurGPU) in teaching staff training for the education system of students with disabilities. The analysis of native and foreign experience allowed defining a number of problems and leading ideas in teaching staff training for the education system of students with disabilities and revealing the regional experience in speech pathologists training in SurGPU. The methodological framework of the research is in axiological, competency-based, system-activity and technological approaches. The above indicated approaches provided the basis for the development and introduction of training system of pedagogical staff for educating students with disabilities and its mechanisms: implementation of directions and orientations providing the professional competency formation in pedagogical, psychological and pedagogical, social educations; provision of interdisciplinary integration of disciplines of general professional and subject training for the work with students with disabilities; presence of special department of pedagogical and special education; interaction realization of higher-education institution, educational institutions and the Regional resource centre of educational technologies in work with students with disabilities; future teachers participation in leading forms of social and pedagogical practices.The obtained results allow talking about high indices achievement in training system of future educators for educational process organization with students with disabilities, define the increase of students’ interest level in personal and professional growth, motivation increase to mastering general cultural and professional competences. That all proves the efficiency of our suggested mechanisms of professional staff training for education system of students with special educational needs.
higher education, professional training, teaching staff, students with disabilities, education system