ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1215-1225, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1215
Procedure for Supporting Personal Self-Determination of Future Teachers Using an Individual Development Trajectory
expand article infoElena V. Neumoeva-Kolchedanceva
Open Access
In line with the post-nonclassical educational paradigm, humanitarian practices, including support, are becoming necessary. Understanding the personal self-determination support as mediation implies the search for a “toolbox” that is not alienated from the personality. An individual development trajectory integrating the intra- and inter-subjective aspects of self-determination is considered to be the main support. The need to objectify and operationalize the supporting process actualizes the problem of theoretical justification and design for supporting procedure. We consider the supporting procedure as a well-founded procedure for the subjects’ actions. The procedure is provided by the identification of the supporting stages, a description of the subjects’ actions and their results. Supporting stages are isomorphic to the basic stages of self-determination and, accordingly, include: support at the stage of “self-determination itself”, support at the stage of self-realization and support at the stage of personal self-actualization. The teacher’s “functionality” includes actions aimed at activating the processes of the personality’s self-determination in its inter- and inter-subjective aspects: personality “immersion” in the activities using a wide arsenal of cultural mediators (word, image, action) and methods such as analysis of problem situations, game imitation actions, social communication and professional tests; facilitation of analysis, reflection and practical student’s actions. The student activities include: analysis of problem situations, “trial” activity of the person in modelled situations, activity in professional and living contexts; reflex of his actions. The coordinated nature of subjects’ activities is ensured not only by the use of appropriate toolkit, but also by facilitating character of their interaction.
personal self-determination, self-regulation, activity, pedagogical support, mediation, individual trajectory of development, stages, actions, results of support