ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1189-1200, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1189
Creating Video Lectures on Literary History Academic Disciplines: Psychological and Didactic Approaches
expand article infoLiliya H. Nasrutdinova, Natalia G. Mahinina, Ellina V. Shustova
Open Access
The article is focused on studying a video lecture as a component of modern digital educational resources. This topic is considered relevant because online learning is becoming an integral part and a tangible basis of modern education. Meanwhile, urgent move to remote learning because of the pandemic revealed a number of pending issues related to the principles of creating video content for digital educational resources. This problem is of special significance in philological education. This is due to the amount of educational information and metadisciplinary level of its presenting.The article outlines the problems associated with the implementation of online learning, and their impact on the lectures’ content and presentation. A set of issues related to creating video lectures for digital educational resources on historical and literary academic disciplines is examined. Firstly, it is the issue of selecting information for a video lecture, which is supposed to be both concise and informative. This issue is so relevant for the course of history of literature because academic disciplines of such kind involve a large amount of information that cannot be reduced to short logical constructions. Secondly, it is the issue of visual information corresponding to text resources. Here apt models of partial duplication, expansion and partial presenting of information, etc., are considered. Thirdly, not only the content, but also the form of presentation is becoming a significant issue. The principles of creating a video lecture aimed at maintaining a sustainable interest in the video content and in the studied topic are observed.
online learning, psychological and didactic principles, digital educational resources, literary history academic disciplines, video lectures.