ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1155-1170, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1155
Scientific Interpretation of Films about School as a means of Overcoming Challenges for Teachers in Their Work with Gifted Children
expand article infoIrina А. Mushkina, Marina А. Maznichenko, Victoria P. Erdakova, Snezhana V. Brevnova
Open Access
Feature films about gifted children have a significant potential for resolving challenges the teachers face in their work with gifted children. Such films portray various types of gifted children, show models of their upbringing and education in school and family, demonstrate the challenges of their socialization and education. However, teachers rarely use the potential of such feature films in their work with gifted children due to the lack of methods of their scientific interpretation. Based on the above, we set the goal of the study – to analyse the practical aspects of using films about school by teachers in solving challenges they experience while working with gifted children, to identify the pedagogical conditions and methods of scientific interpretation of feature films about school by teachers. Research methods: generalization of Russian and foreign research on the problems of organizing of work with gifted children, the use of feature films in such work; selection and systematization of films that can be used by teachers in solving problems and difficulties that they go through while working with gifted children; teacher surveys; design of pedagogical conditions for teachers to scientifically interpret films about school in the process of resolving difficulties arising in their work with gifted children. The results we arrived at demonstrate that the scientific interpretation of feature films about school by teachers can be a means of resolving of a number of challenges that teachers experience in their work with gifted children. The pedagogical conditions for such an interpretation are the selection of films according to the criteria of “high cultural level; positive content; relevance of the content to the existing difficulties; the presence of a valid pedagogical idea; problematic aspects; humanistic orientation"; mastering the experience of scientific and pedagogical interpretation of films in the form of a film training masterclass; exchange of experience with colleagues; creation of a film library on the school website.