ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1141-1154, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1141
The Model of Parental Competence in Ontogenesis and Dysontogenesis of Early Speech Development
expand article infoMarianna A. Muratova, Gulnara V. Valiullina, Victoria V. Klimenko
Open Access
Speech is deemed to be a mental process that is formed only in society. Therefore, parents, as a key component of the microsociety, play a pivotal role in the speech development of their children. Speech is formed in stages under certain laws of the psyche. Observing the changes occurring in the child’s speech, parents fail to analyze the age-deviation correlation, and thus, miss the time to see a proper specialist. The purpose of this study is to analyze the parents’ awareness of their children’s speech development and to design a project of correctional and pedagogical competence of parents in terms of impaired and normative behavior. The current research contains all the elements of scientific work, including the stages of ascertaining, formative, and control experiments. At the ascertaining and control stages, a questionnaire and a survey of parents were administered, the diagnosis of children's speech using classical methods was implemented, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the results was carried out. The formative stage included a description of the parents’ competence program as far as speech development is concerned. The article reflects the results of the study and parental experience in ontogenesis and dysontogenesis of early speech development. The content of the program aims at the cutting-edge knowledge of ontogenesis and dysontogenesis of the speech development in young children and the possibility of correction. The finding features the merits of parents' participation in the correction of such a functional system as speech. The current study explores the ways of development of correctional and pedagogical parental competence in speech development of their children. The topical investigation is intended to prime the directions of work for specialists in this field. The materials of this research can be used by speech pathologists, psychologists, speech therapy coaches, students of the direction 44.00.00.
competencies, early speech development, correctional and developmental competence, information and educational environment, speech therapists, ontogenesis, dysontogenesis, psychological and pedagogical support of parents.