ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1019-1031, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1019
Implementing Integrated Technologies in Aesthetic Development of Primary Schoolchildren
expand article infoMaria V. Lazareva, Alexandra Zh. Ovchinnikova, Valentina V. Abramova, Lyudmila M. Zvezda
Open Access
The relevance of problem of aesthetic development of primary schoolchildren by means of integrated technology is caused by the necessity to find new ways allowing to create a holistic picture of images embodied in the art. Development of theoretical positions of this phenomenon is based on: 1) influence of association on the development of mental processes of the individual; 2) integration of arts mutually complementing and enriching the holistic vision of artistic image. However, these areas have not been developed in primary school practice. The aim of the study is to implement the main areas of integrated technology in the aesthetic development of primary schoolchildren. The study used both theoretical and empirical methods. The importance of implementing integrated technology is determined by the necessity to find the main areas ensuring aesthetic development of children. Due to the new knowledge about content and structure of integrated technology, practical significance of the study lies in the possibility to implement the main structural components of integrated technology in professional activities of teachers. Determining specifics of the aesthetic development of primary schoolchildren should begin by clarifying the content of its components. Specifics of targeted, methodological, meaningful, procedural and effective components of integrated technology should be taken into account. Complementary techniques should be used to determine the criterion.
aesthetic development, primary schoolchild, integrated technologies, criterion, techniques, levels.