ARPHA Proceedings 5: 1007-1017, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e1007
Adaptive Lesson Strategy as a Means of Individualizing Educational Activities
expand article infoTatiana Kuzmicheva, Iuliia Afonkina
Open Access
The current problem field of modern education is revealed through the need to ensure the accessibility and quality of education and upbringing of children with different educational needs. Among them, children with special health needs should be identified as needing serious adaptation of all components of the educational system: goals and objectives, content, conditions, forms and methods, means of education. Monitoring of individual psychosocial development of students is considered by us as the most effective tool for quality control and timely correction of content and organization of educational process in conditions of inclusion. The article reveals the author’s approach, which considers the resources of interaction of school specialists as the basis for achieving such changes. The study presented in the article is aimed at studying the professional behavior of a teacher and psychologist at different stages of monitoring the individual psychosocial development of a student with special health needs. The types of professional behavior of a teacher and a psychologist during their interaction (“isolation”, “chaotic movement”, “forced interaction”, “purposeful interaction”, “real cooperation”) are distinguished. The need is justified and an adaptive lesson strategy is developed, which involves professionally valuable formats of interaction between a teacher and a psychologist at different stages of its design. Effective ways of overcoming meaning, operational and targeting barriers are defined on the basis of new dialogic formats of such interaction between specialists providing individualization of educational environment for students with different educational needs. The scale of the problem is determined, first of all, by the fact that the development of a scientific justification and the practical operationalization of the adapting lesson methods contributes to ensuring the inclusion of a student with special health needs in educational activities and increases its both academic and social success.
inclusive education, students with special health needs, teacher-psychologist interaction, adaptive strategy.