ARPHA Proceedings 5: 897-909, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0897
Distance Learning of Health and Safety at University during the Pandemic
expand article infoNatalya Koshkina, Galina A. Popova
Open Access
The epidemiological situation concerning the spread of the coronavirus infection in 2020 has significantly accelerated the introduction of distance learning into the educational process of higher educational institutions. The education system was forced to urgently switch to an online format without alternative options. In a short time, participants of the educational process needed to improve their ability to work with online resources. The study aimed at analyzing the main aspects of distance learning, determine the features of teaching the discipline "Health and Safety" during the pandemic. The study relied on the theoretical methods such as the analysis of educational and scientific-methodical literature and empirical methods such as questionnaires, pedagogical observation, and comparison. The study involved first- and second-year students of Vyatka State University studying the discipline "Health and Safety". The features of the organization of distance learning at the university during the pandemic were analyzed; the positive and negative aspects of such form of training were identified. Students noted the main problems associated with the formation of practical skills when studying the discipline "Health and Safety". They are related to first aid measures, rules of behavior, algorithms for actions in dangerous and emergency situations, use of protective equipment. Regardless of the importance of distance learning in the current conditions and efficacy of the use of electronic educational resources, this form cannot be considered a full substitute of traditional education.
distance learning, Health and Safety, students, university, pandemic, COVID-19