ARPHA Proceedings 5: 863-877, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0863
Nurturing Love for the Homeland as a Model for Primary School Work
expand article infoNatalia G. Kochetova, Elena P. Ivanyan, Natalia V. Gonnova
Open Access
The study aims to consolidate the experience of the Department of Primary Education of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education in nurturing the love for the homeland while creating a verified model of the educational system. It includes stimulation models of future teachers' interaction with students designated to nurture the love for the homeland recursively and accommodates regional specificities of the alumni professional activity and the employers' needs. Among study methods, we can mention exploring specialized literature for verifying the design model, handling moral development concepts, modelling the system of teachers' value-based competencies, and the glossing technique. Pedagogical modelling is a leading method. The study has been performed for three years. The study revealed a recursive nature of the design model of nurturing the love for the homeland, a professional and moral value reflected in the diffusing stimulation models of interaction between students and primary school children as innovative learning formats and pedagogical techniques. The model of nurturing the love for the homeland promotes coordination of hands-on training of future teachers in professional and moral values in various fields of study; content orthogonality of the educational design model encompassing different ways of cooperating with museums, libraries, and cultural sites outside the lecture halls; raising public resources in order to implement it, which allows the students to produce facilitating stimulation models; axiological priorities in teacher education forming a comprehensive training system and fostering continuity of core curricula at any level of education. The study validity was tested in the course of a pedagogical experiment.
pedagogical modelling, pedagogical axiology, love for the homeland.