ARPHA Proceedings 5: 837-848, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0837
Realization of the Educational Potential of Academic Subjects in the School Teacher Activity
expand article infoElena M. Klemyashova, Natalia N. Kaznacheyeva, Igor V. Metlik, Vitaly E. Molev
Open Access
The article substantiates the necessity of forming Russian social values among students in the areas of education taking into account the age and psychological needs of the individual. The influence of informational socialization on modern schoolchildren, the peculiarities of their perception of educational material (the predominance of the audiovisual way of perception instead of the verbal one, and others) are revealed.The features of the educational potential of the subjects of the socio-humanitarian, natural-scientific, and artistic-aesthetic cycles are highlighted taking into account their educational significance, the volume and level of teaching at school. The article presents the results of a survey of teachers of educational organizations in various regions of the Russian Federation, reveals the attitude of teachers to the importance of education and shows their readiness to solve educational tasks in the classroom. The conclusion is made about the relevance of the research for teachers, the need to take into account the personal and psychological characteristics of modern schoolchildren when choosing methods of education in the classroom, the importance of emphasizing their educational topics and ideas.The results of the study will serve as the basis for its next stage, which will be aimed at preparing methodological recommendations for updating the mandatory thematic content of the main subjects in the Russian school.
education, secondary school, academic subjects, social values, educational potential.