ARPHA Proceedings 5: 811-824, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0811
Analysis of professional competences formation among teacher-psychologists in the context of Federal State Educational Standards implementation
expand article infoFatimet Khakunova, Asya Bersirova, Nurbyi Khakunov, Elena V. Vorobyova
Open Access
Formation of professional competences and development of achievement indicators in the context of implementing the Federal State Educational Standards aims at training viable graduates prepared to: take part in both development and implementation of personal development and socialization programs aimed at achieving personal educational results in both curriculum and extra-curriculum activities according to the Federal State Educational Standards requirements; perform psychological and pedagogical follow-up procedures in the context of main and supplementary educational programs; provide psychological evaluation and consult the subjects of the education process; conduct correctional and developmental activities with children and students, including rehabilitation and recovery procedures. Thus, the aims of the study are: to analyze the experience in professional competencies formation in training teacher-psychologists in the context of Federal State Educational Standards implementation; elicit and experimentally verify professional competency achievement indicators (Bachelor of Arts degree) and the effectiveness of success motivation development as the main condition of forming professional competency in future teacher-psychologists. This article addresses the experience of Pedagogics and Psychology Department of Adyghe State University. Considering that professional competencies achievement indicators are viewed as a “knowledge-skills-abilities” triad, the research had two stages. The first stage estimated the theoretical evaluation of knowledge, the second dealt with evaluating skills and abilities. We also suggested that successful professional competency formation in the context of Federal State Educational Standards implementation can be attributed to the success motivation development in future teacher-psychologists.
professional standard, educational standard, teacher-psychologist, professional competences, success motivation.