ARPHA Proceedings 5: 695-707, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0695
The Impact of the Transition to Distance Learning in the Training of Speech Therapy Teachers: Experience and Research Results
expand article infoAgrafena D. Ivanova, Yuri V. Kornilov, Michael S. Prokopyev, Nariyana V. Stepanova
Open Access
The article analyzes modern research in the field of training students in the aspect of the use of distance educational technologies in professional activities. Considered new conditions affecting the system of education, dictated by the pandemic caused by COVID-2019. Updated the concept of "ICT competence of speech therapy teachers" as the ability to properly use and interact with digital technologies in correctional and pedagogical activities. Highlighted the digital skills of the teacher, which should be based on the appropriate use of innovative technologies in the educational process. Justified the role and functions of ICT in the professional activity of a speech therapist teacher, presented the process of developing ICT competence and the ability of students in the "Speech Therapy" profile to participate in the development of educational programs, to develop their individual components based on project activities. The purpose of this study is to provide a scientific justification for the transition to distance learning for bachelors of the "Speech Therapy" profile during the period of restrictive measures. The article examines the experience of the department of Special (Defectological) Education of the Pedagogical Institute of the NEFU. During the study, students were observed, compiled the experience of teachers of the department of SDE, and collected the data related. The results obtained allow us to conclude about the effectiveness of the use of ICT in distance learning as a means of improving the ICT competence of bachelors in the "Speech Therapy" profile to use electronic educational resources in correctional speech therapy work.
speech therapy, speech therapist training, ICT competence, digitalization, e-learning, distance learning