ARPHA Proceedings 5: 647-657, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0647
Character Education Competence of a Teacher in the Professional Life Cycle
expand article infoElena Yu. Ilaltdinova, Svetlana V. Frolova, Tatiana N. Sergeeva
Open Access
The modern educational environment is characterized by a number of global challenges and the emergence of a new paradigm of value orientations at the time of unlimited freedom of self-determination, multiculturalism, and multiple identity of the individual. All this escalate the problem of understanding the true, false and pseudo values. In the world of absolute uncertainty, instability, the importance of the character education competence of the teacher is increasing as the teacher is responsible for designing the students’ educational environment. In today's reality the effective development of the character education competence of a teacher, which is not limited only to the period of studies at a teacher university, is of utmost importance. The authors consider the development track of the teacher's competence in character education throughout the entire professional life cycle in the regional socio-pedagogical cluster. Experimental research has confirmed the need to update the formation of character education competence both for the teaching staff of a teacher university, who are responsible for organizing the professional character education, and for the future teachers who will come to school tomorrow. The authors suggest that the character education competence of a teacher begins its formation long before entering the teaching profession and is determined by the axiological content of the quasi-professional communities in which an individual is involved.
character education, character education competence, professional life cycle.