ARPHA Proceedings 5: 605-619, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0605
Development of Students' Speech Communication on the Basis of a Conscious Attitude to the Study of a Foreign Language
expand article infoLucia M. Ibatulina, Agzam A. Valeev, Galina A. Abrosimova
Open Access
One of the priorities of educational policy today is to improve the quality of the vocational education system associated with the training of competent and competitive specialists. This task has to be carried out in the course of systematic activity of university teachers since the discipline “Foreign language” is usually focused on the formation of a specialist who will have to work in a multicultural environment. In this regard, higher education needs effective teaching technologies that contribute to the process of intensifying university education, which is due to the integration of professional, linguistic and general cultural training of specialists. At the same time, the development of foreign language verbal communication should be a complex educational process, which, in addition to teaching students a foreign language, should also presuppose the formation of a high culture of interpersonal communication. The article investigated the following problems of the development of students' speech communication on the basis of a conscious attitude to the study of a foreign language: Components of foreign language speech communication; Functions of speech communication for the purposes of communication; Semiotic, Imitation and Social teaching models that are included in the content and forms of development of foreign language speech communication; Pedagogical potential of students' speech communication based on a conscious attitude to the study of a foreign language; Indicators of the emerging foreign language competence; Indicators of a conscious attitude towards learning a foreign language in the framework of the development of speech communication.
university students, foreign language, speech communication, conscious attitude, pedagogical technology, educational process, cognitive features, communicative culture.