ARPHA Proceedings 5: 503-514, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0503
Focused Attention Technique in Teaching Future Language Teachers to Read Creolized Texts
expand article infoIren Yu. Gats, Olga M. Aleksandrova, Irina N. Dobrotina, Andrey G. Narushevich
Open Access
The authors investigate the problem of the formation of readiness of future language teachers to design educational situations that foster value orientations in schoolchildren. A complex semiotic structure – creolized text – was chosen as a tool for constructing such educational situations. The authors continue to study the educational potential of film fragments – creolized texts – used as a didactic means of teaching to make detailed utterances, as well as a model for improving students’ speech. The purpose of the study is to substantiate possibility of using classical works of Russian cinematography in teaching philology students, as well as of using a specialized case study of educational situations for a language teacher capable of developing reading skills and forming educational actions of schoolchildren. Among the specific research objectives, the authors consider the determination of the educational potential of using creolized texts in the process of professional training of future teachers of the Russian language, the analysis of how schoolchildren perceive the screen adaptations of the Russian literature. The research was carried out based on theoretical research method and experimental work in order to test the hypothesis about the effectiveness of the use of creolized texts in the linguo-methodological training of philology students. As a result, we justify the idea of including the method of focused attention into the classification of communicative methods of teaching reading.
functional literacy, creolized text, visual stylistics; linguo-methodology.