ARPHA Proceedings 5: 445-456, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0445
The Main Directions of University Professors' Research-Oriented Activity
expand article infoElvira G. Galimova, Timur A. Halmetov
Open Access
The willingness to organize and carry out academic research, gain new knowledge and apply it into practice should become a distinctive feature of any modern and creative university lecturer. The federal state higher education standards oblige faculty members to possess research competencies. The research-oriented activity of a university lecturer implies that scientific and pedagogical search become an integral part of lecturers’ professional practice. The following directions of research-oriented activities can be distinguished within the framework of higher education: publication activity, network research interaction, integrated research in various scientific areas, participation in scientific events, academic advising for young scientists; supervision over students' research activity etc. This research is aimed at identifying problems that a university faculty member faces when organizing and carrying out scientific and pedagogical work as well as using new knowledge, which should become a condition for the faculty member's competitive advantage and the basis for their research-oriented activities.
scientific research, research-oriented activity, research-oriented activity monitoring, research-oriented activity directions.