ARPHA Proceedings 5: 385-396, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0385
Scientific Skills Formation in Research Actions of Master's Degree Students Majoring in Education
expand article infoIrina N. Emelyanova, Olga A. Teplyakova
Open Access
The article is devoted to the model of research activity of master's degree students majoring in education. The experience of organizing pedagogical research in the frames of the master degree program in education was based on the gradual mastering of research actions in students. Research activities were included in the practical program (introductory, pedagogical, project, pre-graduation practice) and research work in the semesters. On the basis of mastering research competencies, a technological map was developed for assessing the level of mastering research competencies such as minimum, basic and advanced. The diagnostics of outcomes showed that students had a high level of scientific skills formation to analyze the situation critically at the stage of graduation and the master's degree thesis defense; 93% of respondents believed that they could determine a research task, develop a general strategy for solving the problem. Graduate students assessed their ability to design their pedagogical activities on the high level and manage a project at all stages. They showed their scientific activity and initiative of developing an independent project and implementing into the practice. There were some difficulties in the competence formation which included the use of communication technologies and a foreign language to have academic and professional interaction. 20% of the respondents noted the minimum level of formation of communication competence; 27% of the respondents had the basic level. 50 % of the respondents showed the advanced level. It was difficult for students to use international research in their work and to annotate international articles.
research; research activities; research competence, research actions, research in education.