ARPHA Proceedings 5: 337-350, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0337
Self-Attitude of a School Teacher as a Factor of the Development of His/Her Creative Potential
expand article infoSvetlana G. Dobrotvorskaya
Open Access
The rapid development of modern society, new social demands, and contemporary working conditions require that school teachers should be active and creative personalities. Teachers of a new type are able to independently manage their behavior, to determine prospects for their professional development, and find ways for achieving the stated goals. They are most efficient in their professional activities. To foster the development of creativity of school teachers, it is necessary to study factors that influence the development of their personalities. One of such factors is the self-attitude of teachers. At present, it is possible to study in-depth the inner world of a person, including his/her self-concept. In psychology, self-attitude is being studied under certain social conditions. Namely, this notion is being considered separately from an integral theory of personality. The study of its general and particular aspects on the basis of modern achievements in the field of personality research would allow one to integrate the scientific knowledge about the self-concept and self-attitude with the knowledge about self-improvement and creative potential. The goal of the study is to consider the self-attitude of a school teacher as the main factor in the development of his/her creative potential. The main research technique is based on the acmeological approach. It allows us to consider the development of the creative potential of a teacher as a mature person. This can help develop skill improvement programs on the basis of new paradigms.
self-attitude of creative person, creativity, school teacher.