ARPHA Proceedings 5: 219-238, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0219
A Tree of a Competence as a Tool of Researching Level of Training by Future Teachers’
expand article infoNatalia V. Buldakova, Oksana V. Shakirova, Nikolai V. Kotryakhov
Open Access
The paper is topical and up-to-date as analysis of regulatory documents showed that it is very important to develop managerial skills in future teachers so that they can successfully organize project activities of school leavers as this type of activity demonstrates how they have coped with the academic program of secondary education. As for the share of managerial skills in the pedagogical profession, the analysis of the regulatory documents showed that the most part of functions and competences are connected with management. Still FSES competences do not include the ability of managing pupils’ project activities as a part of educational profession. Thus, we offer to add the managerial competence to the list. This competence shows if one is able to manage pupils’ project activities in accordance with the requirements of FSES. The aim of the research is to find out the structure of the competence which characterizes the ability of future teachers to manage pupils’ project activities. The research methods, such as look-back analysis and generalization of the research results content, helped us to state the grounds for distinguishing the professional competence and its structure. The methods also include decomposition of the competence, comparing the content of the professional standard of a teacher with the FSES HE so as to compare the managerial functions and managerial competences. The offered components, criteria, and tools let us see the formation level of structural components of the professional competence, to find the perspective trends of the activity which could help to increase effectiveness of teaching future teachers how to manage project activities of secondary school pupils.
professional competence, professional standard, ability to manage project activities, pupils’ project activities, teaching future teachers.