ARPHA Proceedings 5: 165-176, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0165
Developing Argumentation Skills through Reading Strategies in the 8th and 9th Grades
expand article infoLuiza R. Bizhanova, Aigul T. Koishigarina, Gulzada B. Pussurmanova, Aigul S. Yensepova
Open Access
Thinking is generally considered the broadest term as it includes reasoning and problem solving. Reasoning is the main subject because the ability to reason effectively is equally important to succeed in school and throughout life. It has been found out that only a few students can effectively use their knowledge in thinking and reasoning. Therefore, teachers need to place more emphasis on students' ability to analyze, classify, compare, formulate hypotheses, and draw conclusions, that is, the thinking skills required for reasoning processes. The aim of this lesson study is to find the best strategies that will help develop argumentation skills of students through reading. Literature related to the research theme was reviewed and qualitative research methodology was used in this study, namely lesson observation, interviewing and post-lesson discussions. The participants of the study were chosen by using purposeful sampling technique. The findings of this study demonstrated that applying reading strategies of activating background knowledge, making predictions, using four-statements strategy, and completing graphic organizers helped students to be inclined to read, learn more, and understand better. These strategies mixed with post-reading comprehension questions, helped students to recognize that they understand better and are able to apply the strategies outside the English classroom. As students learn to define and develop their reasoning skills, they become more effective and independent learners and better at using strategies.
reasoning, argumentation, reading strategies, understanding, evidence.