ARPHA Proceedings 5: 139-152, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0139
Experience of Self-Understanding as a Humanities Block of Professional Development
expand article infoSvetlana V. Belova, Tamara S. Khazykova, Svetlana N. Botova
Open Access
The problem of formation of self-understanding by future teachers was studied in many humanities topics in modern education and establishes higher academic requirements to professional teachers. Computers and information technologies have changed the nature of professional activity of educators so they should share ideas of humanities as a “human measure” of education. This teacher expert is aware to be an instrument of professional activity and is able to apply principle of humanities. The principle means the unity of noninterference into the inner world of a child and influence on his or her value- meaningful sphere. The research is aimed to give foundation from the point of view of anthropological and humanities approach, interdisciplinary knowledge of cognitive sciences, the experience of self-understanding of the humanities block of professional development of future teachers and reveal the conditions for formation this experience at the university. The research uses methods of analysis, questionnaires, project testing, observation, dialogue, and content-analysis. Three hundred twenty students of the Kalmyk State University named after B.B. Gorodovikov participated in the experiment. The article and its results may be of great interest for post-graduates and graduates of pedagogical faculty making research in the field of humanity principle of education and also can be used in projecting basic educational programs for future teachers and professional development of educators.
humanity principle of education, the experience of self-understanding, psychological rationality, anthropological practice, textual-dialogue method, spiral dynamics method.