ARPHA Proceedings 5: 47-65, doi: 10.3897/ap.5.e0047
Individual Approach as a Basis for Language Teachers’ Competence in Research Activities
expand article infoАlla M. Antipova, Elena Chernysheva, Victor F. Chertov
Open Access
The article is devoted to the implementation of the principle of individualization with the purpose of generating promptitude for research and development in future teachers-philologists. The article analyzes the experience of conducting research work in higher education institutions, substantiates the model of training a teacher-researcher, determines the conditions for applying the principle of individualization at different levels of education (bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate degrees). The main research methods are the methods of tier/structural and content analysis, projective and ascertaining modeling, and the comparative typological method. The methodological instruments include the analysis of scientific literature, pedagogical experience, questioning of students, and interviewing teachers. Special attention is paid to the experience of individualization of research work at the Institute of Philology of Moscow Pedagogical State University. The authors analyze organizational and pedagogical prerequisites for the implementation of the principle of individualization in order to generate promptitude in students and postgraduates to research and development work; the following conditions for its effective application have been determined: reliance on the traditions and modern areas of activity of scientific schools that have been developed at the academic departments, involvement of students in an active search for scientific discussion platforms, more active testing of the research activities results, taking into account the personal vector of value attitudes and young researchers’ compliance with the conventionality of the scientific ethos. The results of the study can be used in the higher pedagogical education for the purpose of organizing research work of students and in expert evaluation of educational programs.
Pedagogical education, teacher-researcher, research activity, individual approach