ARPHA Proceedings 4: 1137-1150, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e1137
Adjusting a Textbook of RFL to E-Learning
expand article infoElla A. Zoidze, Eugenia E. Matveeva, Tatiana S. Makarova, Maria A. Molchanova, Elena A. Morozova
Open Access
The article addresses the issue of using a traditional textbook, an essential learning tool, in e-learning environment by supplementing and adjusting it to the digital format. Regarding e-learning as an educational process based on interactive electronic means of storing and providing information the authors outline the main ways of transforming an existing RFL textbook into the mode appropriate for effective e-learning and e-teaching. While reviewing literature, the notion of an electronic textbook is explored as well as its difference from a traditional textbook. The authors describe their experience of a synchronous type of e-learning and promote the usage of tasks that allow students to revise the information independently and practise the skills acquired in class. The article dwells on how the educational content of the textbook “Russian for Beginners” by G.M. Levina was modified in order to be used for teaching RFL learners online. The resulting benefits of a new web-based version of an RFL textbook are analyzed.
e-learning; digital textbook, Russian as a foreign language