ARPHA Proceedings 4: 1082-1093, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e1082
Multimedia Study Aids in Teaching Creative Foreign Language Reading: Personal-Activity Approach
expand article infoLarisa G. Vikulova, Svetlana A. Gerasimova, Irina V. Makarova, Ekaterina M. Vishnevskaya
Open Access
The paper covers developing and testing experience of interactive multimedia educational content designed for teaching creative foreign language reading. The article shows how students can develop their creative skills which manifest themselves when students try to make their own intellectual and informational content based on what they have read. We prove that as an educational resource an individually oriented study aid can be considered as a base that extrinsically motivates students to study foreign languages in higher school. As a topical issue we see web-based creative reading within the framework of collaborative educational setting led by personal-activity approach that prompts students to be actively involved in the educational process. Interactive multimedia online boards have become the primary focus of the paper. They contribute to building up collaborative learning environment and facilitate the development of the new teaching organizational forms. The paper contains several student cooperation formats on creative reading of the philosophical novella “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry while using multimedia study aids on the Miro interactive whiteboard.
collaborative educational, electronic learning resource, multimediality, creative reading