ARPHA Proceedings 4: 958-970, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0958
Students’ Strategies for Cognition: Organizing Culture-Oriented Information in Textbook
expand article infoElena G. Tareva, Ekaterina V. Troinikova
Open Access
The informational dimension of the multicultural world transforms the context of intercultural socialization of an individual, which presupposes the formation of a person in a multicultural society who owns various ways of constructing intercultural dialogue. There is a special requirement for the development of didactic tools that help a person to master effective methods of intercultural interaction in the global information environment. Strategies for achieving intercultural dialogue using the potential of the information environment surrounding a person come to the fore. The purpose of the article is to determine the information and cognitive strategies that students at a linguistic university could apply working culturally specific material of a foreign language textbook, aimed at intercultural socialization of a person striving to achieve understanding in the conditions of intercultural dialogue. The authors substantiate the structure of a foreign language textbook, designed for preparing students at a linguistic university for “dialogue comprehension”. They present three stages of working with culture-oriented material: orientation in the case-study of intercultural interaction, making a reasonable decision to comply cultural and conceptual pictures of the world, transfer of dialogue contexts into intercultural interaction. The article describes the strategies of information and cognitive activity of an individual built in the textbook in the situation of “person – person” and “person – object” intercultural interaction. That provides the possibility for an individual to reach understanding in the process of a dialogue. A set of case-studies, communicative-dialogue and culturally creative didactic practices is aimed at mastering by students the strategies of working with culture-oriented material of a foreign language textbook.
dialogue comprehension, information and cognitive strategies