ARPHA Proceedings 4: 920-932, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0920
Personality Development Potential of a Literary Text in Digitalized Teaching of RFL
expand article infoNadezhda S. Stepanova, Irina O. Amelina, Mariya V. Gromenko, Tatyana V. Kovaleva
Open Access
The relevance of using personality development potential of literary texts in order to form the necessary complex of knowledge about the most significant spiritual and moral values of the Russian people is due to the situation of a complete transition with no alternatives to teaching in a distance format at the preparatory faculty. The article examines the experience of using the potential of the texts from Russian classical literature for personal self-development and self-realization of foreign students at Russian as a foreign language lessons (pre-university stage) in conditions where direct immersion in the language is impossible. Such literary works allow foreign students to begin their acquaintance with Russian history and culture, to form basic ideas about the values of Russian society and the mentality of Russian people, to understand the degree of similarity and difference between Russian and native cultures, which generally contribute to their adaptation to Russian reality and integration into the educational multicultural space of the university. The approaches, the universal and specific requirements for the formation of an electronic educational course in RFL are presented. The course can be accessed in “Electronic information and educational environment of SWSU. SWSU’s Courses” on Moodle platform. The platform thanks to its functional capabilities, allows to present educational material in various forms, to vary the methods of students’ independent educational activities, to organize the necessary audiovisual support in mastering the Russian language within the elementary, basic and first certification levels (A1, A2, B1).
literary text; personality-oriented pedagogy; distance learning