ARPHA Proceedings 4: 795-811, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0795
The concept of the textbook modernization in the era of information technologies: physical education and challenges of modernity
expand article infoViktoriya A. Shalabodina
Open Access
This paper presents the search for solutions for the modernization of textbooks on physical culture. Technological progress is gaining momentum every day, making yesterday's advanced solutions obsolete today. Such challenges require a number of measures on updating the manuals and the entire teaching process. In the paper, we analyzed the available textbooks for high school students: as a result, we discovered the problem of the course content itself, which could not meet the needs of the modern information society or fulfill the tasks that were set in the Federal Law for physical culture. Thanks to this study, we were able to identify the students’ key needs in knowledge related to physical education, as well as to understand what format of material presentation is currently the most effective. We considered a completely different approach not only to the learning process itself, but also proposed a conceptually new model of a training manual on the subject, which, in our opinion, cannot consist of just a textbook today. The text format is necessary, but only as a kind of base for a course, while the main tools should correspond to the level of technological progress. That is, a modern textbook should be a set of certain tools that contribute to better mastering the material, and this can be achieved only by taking into account the current trends in information dissemination. This paper is devoted to the definition and implementation of these tools in the educational process.
physical culture, information society, teacher-manager, modernization of education