ARPHA Proceedings 4: 780-794, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0780
Personal Development Potential of the German Language Textbook for the Institute of Railway Transport
expand article infoLarissa I. Sereda
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Humanization and humanitarianism of education has always been and should remain the fundamental principles of educational activity of University and pedagogical activity of a teacher. This statement is especially relevant in the era of ubiquitous digitalization, which has penetrated in different spheres of life and life of any individual. Today it is humanitarianism that is recognized as a counteracting power to digitalization, which, at the same time, cannot be perceived as something hostile to society and people. Only humanitarianism, with its humanitarian nature and meaning of everything that happens, can protect society from social catastrophe and even greater immersion in material values. This paper postulates the need to apply the principle of humanitarianism in the development of a foreign language textbook for technical Universities, which allows the textbook to provide potential for personal development. The personal development potential of a foreign language textbook is aimed at developing the general culture of students, which is understood as the social, intellectual, spiritual development of an individual. The article examines current trends in understanding the essence of the principle of humanitarianism and its implementation in educational institutions of the country, studies the requirements for the design of a foreign language textbook. The purpose of the article is to analyze the personal development potential of a German language textbook written for students of the University of Railway Transport and to formulate recommendations for the development of foreign language textbooks for technical Universities on the principles of humanitarianism. The main approach in the study is the empirical method, which helps to prove that a foreign language textbook, developed on the principles of humanitarianism, contains personal development potential, and, in particular, can contribute to the development of the general culture of students. The practical significance of the research is the formulation of requirements for foreign language textbooks for technical Universities based on the application of the principle of humanitarianism.
humanitarianism, foreign language, textbook, general culture