ARPHA Proceedings 4: 723-735, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0723
“Geography of Human Perspectives” Program as an Educational and Methodological Complex for Spatial Self-determination
expand article infoAlexander A. Popov, Pavel P. Glukhov, Mikhail S. Averkov
Open Access
The relevance of the issue. Today, special attention is paid to new literacy and skills of the 21st century as those define individual and activity-based acquisition of knowledge. Within the framework of new types of outcomes it is necessary to change not only the techniques and methods of teaching, but also to update the content, forms of learners’ work, to change the types and nature of tasks that are stated in the syllabus of educational disciplines. The example of implementation of the program "Geography of Human Perspectives" as an elective course demonstrates the experience of a comprehensive revision of approaches to teaching economic geography. This paper presents some results of approbation of this program, which highlight the pros and cons of this kind of modernization of the educational process. The purpose of the study: to identify the structural and content elements of the elective educational program "Geography of Human Perspectives", which can be used to support the self-determination and development of high school students’ interests. The dominant methodology / approach: ascertaining experiment accompanied by specially organized diagnostic procedures. Results: identification of successful methods of organizing educational activities, which are based on the individual interests of students; establishment of a mechanism for presenting the subject "geography" as a means of self-determination for high school students. Practical significance: this paper will serve as basis for elaboration of recommendations for the development of elective courses and programs of supplementary education for children.
competence-based approach; economic geography; open education; self-determination