ARPHA Proceedings 4: 661-671, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0661
Authentic Texts with a Person-Centered Message as an Education Resource for Extensive Reading Textbooks
expand article infoMarina N. Nikolaeva, Natalia N. Tomskaya
Open Access
The paper offers insights into extensive reading issue in connection with a person-centered approach. The major objective of the study was to ascertain the significance of extensive reading not only for the improvement of language skills in learning English but also in the development of a learner’s worldview through reading and discussing authentic texts used as an education resource. Empirical data for the study were authentic texts and graded readers as well as workbooks and manuals as support materials. The methodological approach used in the data analysis is a mixed methodology based on comparison of techniques applied in extensive reading in graded readers and in Russian university educators’ workbooks and manuals. The research follows a two-side design worked out by the authors, with the analysis of techniques used in extensive reading and of content features of authentic texts. Drawing upon our findings of application of authentic texts for extensive reading, we propose three main recommendations for making an effective extensive reading textbook, which can contribute both to the improvement of language skills and to the appearance of mental and emotional response to the topics raised in authentic texts. This type of response we consider to be a sign of the developments of students’ personality while learning English.
Authentic text, extensive reading, person-centered approach