ARPHA Proceedings 4: 627-639, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0627
Modeling the World Picture within Education English Language Textbook Discourse
expand article infoSvetlana V. Michugina, Oksana G. Lukoshus
Open Access
This article aims at contributing to the discussion regarding the conceptual approach of modeling the world picture within education textbook discourse taking English language teaching as an example. The argument is that education discourse, where a textbook discourse is even more important, should be linked and possible to be referred to the modern present-to-day picture of the world. A speaker, in our case an English language learner, is to be viewed as a representative of both his/her individual and national construal of the globe. But for a few decades, total globalization in all social spheres including education has been transferring national into global issues with the point of urgent necessity to build universal nationless attitude towards facts from reality. In this respect, it comes across as being extremely essential to preserve all the national values and even to reconstruct those which may have been lost. Consequently, a textbook discourse should, first and above all, megaphone a learner’s national world picture in comparison to the one of others with existent diversity and specificity, where, nevertheless, the national world picture is to predominate. The paper analyses the student’s English language textbook content for different grades to examine the correlation of the English language world picture and the one of the Russian language.
globalization; education textbook discourse; a learner’s national world picture