ARPHA Proceedings 4: 598-615, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0598
Applied use of moral concepts in the intercultural-based educational process
expand article infoLiudmila A. Makhina, Olga N. Orlova
Open Access
Due to increasingly larger role of remote technologies the current educational reality is closely related to reduction of time devoted to live interactions between the participants of the educational process. Certain detachment of students from real intercourse may result in growing pressure in communication field, with the representatives of other countries, in particular. At the same time, socialization of modern young people is happening in the environment of prospering society's ideas of consumption, when moral self-identification becomes an issue, an issue of state safety as well since it affects decisions made by a person. In this connection works dedicated to moral development of personality in the modern society from the perspective of cross-cultural communication, i.e. dedicated to development with due consideration of national specifics of main moral concepts in target-language countries, seem to be relevant for the foreign language teachers. Purpose of the conducted study is development of exercises for students studying foreign languages based on linguistic and cultural analysis of concepts of moral field, "druzhba" (friendship) and "Freundschaft", supporting formation of a productive language personality. This goal has been achieved by methods of componential analysis of dictionary definitions, contextual use, by comparative study of above mentioned moral concepts in folk literature. The conducted investigation resulted in development of a list of efficient, cross-culturally relevant types of exercises for thorough examination of specifics of moral concepts "druzhba" (friendship) and "Freundschaft". Materials and results of the study can be applied in development of training courses and special courses on cultural linguistics, cross-cultural communication, in practical foreign language teaching; they can be used in further studies of concept field "friendship" in various world cultures.
moral concepts, druzhba, friendship, Freundschaft, productive attitude