ARPHA Proceedings 4: 574-584, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0574
Textbook for IT classes: а fundamental approach
expand article infoIrina V. Levchenko, Albina R. Sadykova, Aleksandr V. Grinshkun, Anastasia E. Pavlova
Open Access
The introduction of pre-professional training in the IT field in Russian schools is determined by the development of the digital economy and the information technologies, the need to prepare schoolchildren for professional self-determination and to form relevant competencies for future IT specialists. However, there is evidence to suggest the lack of substantive support for in-depth training in the sphere of IT for introducing the pre-professional training in schoolchildren. Therefore, it becomes relevant to form the content of IT training at an in-depth level, which makes it possible to master new skills in this sphere. The article reveals the problem in determining approaches to forming the content of training programme for IT classes, discloses the possibilities of a fundamental approach to designing the content of a textbook for IT classes. The analysis of the theoretical sources on pre-professional training in the IT sphere as well as the experience of in-depth teaching informatics to schoolchildren made it possible to define the fundamental approach as the basis for designing the plan of the in-depth IT training of schoolchildren. The results of the study can be the basis for designing the content of fundamental informatics training, which is an invariant component of the pre-professional training of schoolchildren in the sphere of information technologies. The results obtained will make it possible to design a textbook for IT classes.
fundamental approach, in-depth informatics course, IT classes