ARPHA Proceedings 4: 531-540, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0531
Russian Textbook Experience in Developing High School Students’ English Word-Formation Competence
expand article infoOxana O. Korzun, Elena V. Shtanko, Ekaterina A. Savkina
Open Access
The problem of word-formation competence has become relevant since there is a special task in the Russian State Exam. Students should be ready to build new words according to the rules. The aim of the study is to define the term “word-formation competence” and describe its peculiarities. The paper analyzes the difficulties that may occur while completing this task and possible ways out. The analysis results in recommendations for getting rid of some minor mistakes. The given strategies of developing word-formation are supposed to eliminate the most common mistakes and develop different aspects of communicative competence that contributes to intercultural competence development. The focus of explicit attention is on making these exercises more communicative because students should be able to build words in their speech too. The authors analyze studies devoted to this topic and some Russian textbooks that prepare students for exams. Different types of exercises and strategies for developing word-formation are presented in the article. The given system of tasks is structured and enhances students’ word-formation competence. The article will be useful for ESL teachers who prepare students for different kinds of exam.
Word Formation; word formation competence, English