ARPHA Proceedings 4: 457-467, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0457
Projecting a modern textbook as personality developing educational environment
expand article infoNataliya V. Khodyakova, Dmitry A. Khodyakov
Open Access
Due to changing pedagogical points of view about the aim and the content of education points of view about the target and functions of a modern textbook as a means of teaching are being transformed as well. For overall personality development students need textbooks which don’t only transfer educational information of some volume and complexity but also represent full-sided conditions of a personality’s interaction with a textbook as educational environment which is defined as a situation by the authors. According to the prevailing kind of students’ orientation 4 qualitatively different types of such situations are defined: cognitive orientation, object and activity orientation, axiological orientation, integral orientation. Each of these types is placed in correspondence with 3 groups of personality developing environmental conditions (content sources, stimuli and opportunities for personality growth). This situational and environmental model given is placed on the basis of projecting a modern textbook and defines the criteria of evaluating its personality developing potential.
personality developing educational environment, criteria of quality