ARPHA Proceedings 4: 412-423, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0412
New Chinese Language Tutorial: Development Algorithm
expand article infoTatiana L. Guruleva
Open Access
In conditions that see an increased public interest in the Chinese language study, the Russian education system faces a difficult task of rapidly developing a sufficient number of new effective teaching materials. New educational publications should not only meet the emerging demand for a broad study of the Chinese language, but also fully meet the requirements of modern pedagogical science for textbooks and tutorials. The article features the algorithm for creating a textbook on the Chinese language. In the course of the research, within the framework of the systematic approach, the methods of theoretical and comparative analysis, modeling, longitudinal pedagogical experiment, synthesis and generalization were implemented. As a result of the research, a model of the algorithm for creating a textbook on the Chinese language was proposed. This model includes 11 steps. The analysis of the testing results allowed to conclude about the effectiveness of the developed algorithm. The practical significance of the proposed algorithm for creating a textbook in the Chinese language is that its use will improve quality of the developed textbooks and tutorials in the Chinese language, which, in turn, will contribute to improving quality of Chinese language teaching in schools and universities.
Chinese language tutorial, tutorial design algorithm