ARPHA Proceedings 4: 360-374, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0360
The problem of developing textbook requirements for primary inclusive education
expand article infoOlga E. Gribova, Julia A. Shulekina
Open Access
This article discusses problems with the functioning of textbooks in modern inclusive education. A textbook is understood as a learning tool, the most important component of learning of a modern schoolchild. Irrespective of the type of educational organization and the form of education, the textbook should solve educational tasks connected with knowledge acquisition and the formation of basic educational competencies. Nowadays, the question of the requirement for textbooks to be accessible to different categories of students is raised. It is emphasised that the development of the 'right' textbook is one of the factors that determines the success and effectiveness of students throughout the learning process. The authors relate textbook requirements for inclusive education with the basic learning process, which is text comprehension. Based on the description of the specifics of students with speech impairment, we have modeled ways to optimize an existing Russian language textbook and adapt it to the comprehension abilities of this category of students. The research is presented as a review of fundamental resources that address various aspects of the development of textbook requirements. It is based on a psychological and pedagogical approach, which focuses on the special educational needs of students with disabilities as a reference point for modernization of existing textbooks, because the textbooks which were developed for normally developing students are ineffective in teaching children with disabilities. The article presents the difficulties which students with speech impairments may encounter at the initial stages of work with a textbook and proposes ways of solving potential problems. The results of the study are practically significant for updating the methodological support of primary education in the Russian Federation.
textbook, understanding texts, text competence, students with disorders